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zygomatic bone reduction, under eye fat reposition

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I am currently in the 2nd week after surgery. This is a reduction of the sacrum and fat transplantation / eye fat repositioning with Dr. Guo from NAMU plastic surgery. I really like my face to be symmetrical. My previous cheeks were wide and different in size. I insisted on cutting only the sides of my cheeks and retaining the volume of my frontal cheekbone to maintain the look of Gemma Chan / Angelina Jolie. Mainly to make the sides more uniform, I really saw improvements. Dr. Guo was able to re-add this volume to my face with a fat transplant. Although I am still swollen, I can see that the shape of my face blends well together and I feel I look younger. After surgery is great. I feel very petted. Thanks to the NAMU team!
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