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Motiva Breast Surgery at MBW

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I originally came last year and did a couple of consultations prior to this visit as well as some online consultations. The last place I consulted really discouraged me from doing the surgery during that trip because it felt like they were trying to push me into the surgery, so I decided to do more research. That's where I stumbled upon this forum and started reading everyone's experiences. I actually found out about Mool Bang Wool through purse forum and really liked the review I read as it was really thorough and well written. Unfortunately when I tried to look up the information myself I couldn't find anything in english or anything online regarding the clinic. In the comments someone mentioned that they saw the clinic via Misooda so I looked that up and discovered the site. I can't thank Misooda enough for helping me with this whole experience. They helped me get in contact with MBW and Dr. Lee and negotiated a really good price with them working within my budget. They also don't really speak a lot of english ( apart from Dr. Lee ) but, it wasn't really important as Misooda actually negotiated the price ahead of time so there wasn't really a lot of conversing that was required. Misooda has also been really helpful with helping me ask questions to the clinics and arranging the times and appointments prior and during my experience. If you don't speak Korean I would definitely contact Misooda and see if they can help you contact clinics you're having trouble contacting. It doesn't cost anything to contact Misooda and they are really responsive and helpful with helping you get a better idea of prices. Moving onto the consultation with MBW: I went in and they were incredibly friendly and welcoming. I brought my friend with me to help me through this whole process. During the consultation they took a 3D scan of my chest using a Motiva branded machine. After that I met with Dr. Lee. ( Dr. Lee is from another big clinic, i think it was M clinic or Mega clinic ) and I read that he specializes in breasts. I think what made me pick MBW was that Dr. Lee really took his time explaining everything to me and showing his track record via before and after photos. The previous clinics I visited, it was mostly me and the consultant talking for awhile then the doctor coming in for like 5 minutes and telling me I was a good candidate without explaining then rushing out. I think I only asked Dr. Lee like 3-4 questions but the consultation with him took almost 2 hours. Every question I had he carefully explained and also showed me pictures to help me understand more. He knew why I'd be a good candidate as well as how he could address things I'm feeling uncomfortable about. He also gave me a tshirt to wear to test out the different size implants and I ended up liking the 370CC size since my chest wall is rather large. He also explained how he would be able to lipo my upper boob fat ( near the arm area ) and he would use a wider implant to decrease the space between my breasts. He further explained the different incision methods and I opted for the under incision vs the armpit incision as the healing is a lot easier. I know we're all worried about scars but Dr. Lee showed me his past clients who had the same incision and the results looked very impressive. His scars definitely look more like a shadow vs an actual scar. He also showed me the different implant brands that the clinics offer, I ended up choosing Motiva since I preferred the feel and texture of them. As for the lipo, I think his explanation, knowledge and few cases were enough for me, I was mostly focused on the BA and I wasn't really lipoing too much anyway. Dr. Lee mentioned he would just take a little bit off from each side since I wasn't overweight but more for like contouring.
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Got another checkup with MBW, they did more light therapy on my breasts. They are definitely falling a bit but still a bit bubbly. I got to inspect my scars today too, they are actually quite smaller than I expected. They are quite flat and the cut looks like a very fine line at the moment. They gave me some silicone scar tape to help with the healing and this new bra harness to wear instead of the sports bra :smile: Overall I'm pretty happy with the progress so far, the bruising on my thighs from the lipo is starting to lighten and its more greener and purple vs the black/purple it was a week ago.
I went for my 1 week check up, They started with a light therapy for de-swelling for my chest and my thighs. Then they moved me to another room to remove my stitches and change out the tapes over my incisions. (they also gave me a sports bra to wear with my bra band as well as extra tape !!) Dr. Lee came in to check up on me, he said the bruising on my thighs were looking really good, ( very symmetrical ) which he explained that it meant he lipo'd both areas evenly. Also he checked my breasts the scars under my chest actually don't look too bad and I'm feeling really optimistic about them healing well. My right boob is falling really nicely but my left side is taking a bit longer. He explained that it was normal since that side is closer to the heart.
My breasts were really tight. It was definitely hard to move around. Sleeping was a huge issue too having to sleep at a 45 degree angle and with my feet elevated ( to avoid swelling in my feet ). The bruising on my outer thighs was black and my inners were starting to darken over the days. I also noticed a weird fluid squishy sound around my chest , I contacted misooda to see if they could ask them about it and they said it was normal after speaking with Dr Lee. Thank God they were so responsive!
Ok this is really important. You definitely need to be eating... I almost fainted in the streets trying to get a cab to go to the clinic. It's because I felt too nauseous to eat post surgery but, I should've forced myself. When I got to the clinic I was like super ghostly white and they helped me remove my bandages and preformed a light de-swelling treatment for my chest. At that point I almost passed out. The nurses there let me rest in the recovery room and gave me another IV bag. They also ordered porridge for me after i woke up from my nap. When I was feeling better the doctor was doing another surgery so they let me rest in the recovery room until he was available. Dr. Lee asked me how I was feeling and checked my breasts and thigh areas. The nurses helped me put bandages over all the incisions and also showed me how to wear the compression garment for my thigh and the bra band for my chest. They also injected me with some antibiotics and then finally let me go home.
Surgery day : They told me prior 3 hours I was suppose to fast. I came into the recovery room and got changed. They sat me down and explained the possible side effects and the anesthetic they were going to use. I was going to be put on a sleeping sedation. They took before photos and I got sent to the operating room to be sanitized and put under. The surgery only took around a hour or a hour and a half I believe, I woke up in the recovery room I was feeling rather nauseous. I stayed till the clinic closed, they sent me home with some juice, prescriptions, bra band, sunscreen and a lotion. My friend helped me back to my airbnb and I went back to rest.