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Motiva breast implants after 7 months with under breast incision (left 310cc, right 300cc)

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Hello, I'm post 7 months after breast augmentation operation at MBW Plastic Surgery. Since I was in my puberty years, I had a lot of stress with a flat chest. But now I have no regrets doing surgery and I am living a happy life.
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I don't have any inflammation nor contraction in my chest. It doesn't feel fake like a prosthetic, it's like a real boob. I like the shape and the feel. Totally satisfied. If you're concerned about breast implants, I highly recommend Dr Lee of MBW Plastic Surgery.:) Being confident truly changes your life.
It is getting less swollen and more natural. The touch is really smooth as if it is a real breast.
Photographs are three weeks after surgery. I think my breast got more natural after the surgery and it was a lot less uncomfortable. No pain, no disruption to my daily life.