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Fourteen Months of Breast Re-surgery

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There are a lot of people who are looking at re-surgery. I'm going to leave a review for a long time.^^; I operated on a textured prosthesis 10 years ago. Getting married, having a baby, breastfeeding has damaged much... Spherical construction, ruptured prosthesis... Fortunately, wearing underwear didn't show much, so I kept it for a long time. During that time, I couldn't go to a sauna or a bath, and I was under a lot of stress on myself. When I brought up the subject of re-surgery, my husband offered me a hand first. I ended up having a re-surgery.^^; I'll write it down in as much detail as I can remember, but... There's a lot of missing photos, so it's a little odd.
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This is a recent photo.1 year and 2 months. ^ It's definitely different in volume with 355cc than it was with 230cc. It's because of the difference in prostheses. It's different. Now I have a really good feel compared to the past. Like it's my heart.^^;;; There's a slight scar left, but I'm not complaining My skin is so white that it's more noticeable. He's the only one who can see him anyway. I go to a bathroom or a sauna. It's a base part, so the scar is covered. No one's ever noticed. I've had a lot of trouble with the deployment and the rupture. I'm so happy about the re-surgery. I think he likes it better.^^;;
The three months - yottae's one of the days of living and a bra. Motiba is worse than look good, too good, too. certainly teksseuchyeodeu prostheses. I was curious to be my husband.
Around a month at this time, lol. This time the picture. I used to wear. - since the average bra is two to three months.
A week. That's when I started wearing braces.
First day of surgery. I put in 355 cc of Mortiva and I had a full-body anesthetic. It's a big surgery to remove the prosthesis from the flesh. I remember it took about an hour and 20 minutes. Luckily, she didn't have a pain in her throat, and when she first operated, it was less painful than it was. I was so surprised to find that it's so free to use my arm with the lower leg. My throat hurt more than my chest because of the general anesthesia. My husband helped me because I couldn't get up alone.~~~ So when you're fighting, you're thinking about it, and you're fucking right.