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Russian model's Rhinoplasty&Under-eye fat repositioning::

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My name is Suzanna. I am from Moscow, but currently I am living in China. I was exploring different Asian countries when I finally decided to do Rhinoplasty. I heard South Korea is famous for plastic surgery industry. I was comparing before and after photos of different clinics in Seoul, and read lots of reviews. After reading all the information I felt that JK is the right clinic for me. I was amazed by atmosphere and beautiful setting in JK. I knew that I couldn’t do surgery if the place looked like hospital. It’s really important for me to feel comfortable and safe. I have been modeling for many years as a photo and video model. Recently, I have noticed that my nose looks bigger and longer. I guess it’s a part of aging process, which I don’t like. Camera makes my nose look even longer. That is the first reason I want to do a surgery. Second and main reason is that I have breathing difficulties. This problem started from childhood. When I was a child I was riding on the roller coaster and hit the nose. If you look closely you can see remaining small bruising. I can say that my decision was spontaneous but I believe that JK can help me to become more beautiful. I really liked the recommendations of the doctor to do not only nose, but eyes too to look younger and fresher. I have eye bags and dark circles that make me look tired. Many people, no matter old or young they are, have dark circles for different reasons either it’s an air pollution or unhealthy food. I think, many people need to consider this kind of procedure. On the 3rd day of checkup, I thought removal of nasal packing would be hurtful, however you feel more discomfort rather than pain, and now I can breathe with my nose. Even though I don’t have appetite, pumpkin juice, which clinic gave me for faster rehabilitation, and you know, my activity level has increased, I feel at the same time lightness and energy. In the case of operation, I remember only that moment when anesthetist came into operation room and informed about administering anesthesia. Further, I don’t remember anything. When I woke up, I couldn’t breathe properly, it wasn’t surprisingly for me since even before operation I had breathing problems. Around 1 month I need to lie down only straightly, but I didn’t feel any discomfort, maybe only dizziness sometimes, but thanks to nurse, who helped me throughout night, since I couldn’t move by myself. Nurse always escorted me if I need to go somewhere. On the next day, I started to take medicine and actually I have prepared myself for heavy swelling, however it was less than my expectations. I also got second operation, blepharoplasty, and all these are usual consequences of operation, further, I only need to be patient and wait for results. I was so excited about the result, and the most difficult part for me is waiting. I realize that when time passes I will see a great result, which is the biggest stimulus to do such surgeries to feel better and happier for the whole life. I think this “not easy” week worth that. In general, thanks to JK, you really create magic.
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4 month after surgery
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One month after surgery
7 days after surgery Finally, doctor removed tapes, sprint and stiches. To be honest, it did hurt when the doctor was removing stiches because there were many stiches in and out of my nose, and I have really sensible skin, so for me this procedure was not really enjoyable. I am really happy now since the surgery has finished, and even though only 7 days passed, I can see good changes. The most important thing is that I love the form of the nose I have now, and, of course, I understand that when the swelling and bruising go down the result will be much, much better. I want to thank Dr. Kim for this professionalism. His ability to relieve me is awesome. Also, a big “thank you” to all nurses and assistants who helped me before, during and after the surgery. They know how to treat a person to make him feel comfortable.