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Nose job for confidence!

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I am a girl with big personal features. I was fine but just my big nose was bothering me since when I was young. When I was in a middle school, the age when the girl most focused on the appearance. I have decided every day, that I will do nose surgery once I become an adult whenever I look into the mirror. But I’m easily frightened person, so I just gave up and being “let’s just live like this” and looking into mirror deiced to have nose surgery again. I was been going on and on for years, then I thought why don’t I do the surgery instead of stressing myself out. I was looking for a good plastic surgery center, and I have heard that JK Plastic Surgery Center is good. So I searched internet, and there wasn’t much of advertisement that I could see related to JK but since I walk into the clinic, my worries were vanished. First, systematic look of clinic and interior was so luxury and neat. Also during the consultation, the doctor wasn’t exaggerate at all, but perfect shape of my nose which will balance well with my look, that is the reason I had belief to undergo surgery with JK. The day before the surgery, I was too nervous so I couldn’t sleep at all, but it was only needless worry. Until I wake up from the sedation, they’ve been checking my vital sign and condition very carefully and constantly. Honestly there wasn’t a big difference that I could notice, until removal of stitches and the swelling subsided, my image has been changed, definitely more feminine and prettier than before. People around me been talking how surgery went well, and now it has been a year, everyone asks me a lot about the clinic where I had surgery which is JK. I truly appreciate to JK, that I would spending my life with regret if I haven’t done surgery, so thank you for being new me.
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wel.. this is my 6th months after my sugery's review I'm happy with the result of my surgery and i highly recomend to you to take surgery without any long proccess of thinking. i did surgery after very long think proccess. and i regret it. i should done this earlier. thanks to misooda to help me find my happiness ^^
this is my 5th months after my surgery.
i love my nose day by day :)
this is my 2th months after surgery. you still can see the swollen on my nose. but you can see also that my nose become prettier day by day, right? lol
Hello~ this is my a week after surgery review. there is nothing special except my happy feeling because i felt my nose become different. eventhough the shape not perfect yet because of swollen. but it doesnt matter. i can do my activity like a normal except i can't do hard excersice as the doctor didn't recomend me to did that.