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It’s been four months since my surgery. They feel very soft and natural now. I love the shape of them. I can show cleavage without wearing a push up bra but I can also cover them if I want, It’s pretty easy to do ant activity. Even when I speed walk (I haven’t gone running yet due to lack of time). I don’t feel any uncomfortable sensations in my breasts, and that’s without wearing a bra. I really enjoy the fact that I can go braless (on occasion) and not have to concern myself over how small or big my chest looks. I’m looking forward to exercising soon when I get some free time.
My breast seem to be getting softer and dropping more. I have full use of my arms now and can do mostly everything. My friends have all said that the shape is really pretty and the think I picked a good size. They don’t look too big, but natual. I’m really happy with the work the surgeon did and I’m so happy I picked JK for my surgery.The surgeon gave me his suggestions honestly and really listened to what I wanted.
My recovery seems to be steady. I have almost no pain now and can use my arms without difficulty.  My breasts look nice but have yet to soften. The doctor is really patient with all of my questions. He told me not to worry and that is will take about three months for my breasts to feel quite soft. My friends who have all seen me since my recovery have commented on how nice my chest looks. They said that they’re big but no too big. I agree with their opinion. I love that I can wear loose-fitting clothes and cover up when i feel like accentuating them. I’m so happy with the doctor’s recommendation for me. He helped me pick the perfect size for my body and erases all of my worries. I recommend JK to everybody because they have the highest quality services in every aspect; their safety measures are unbeatable, their staff members are very kind and friendly, the results are matched to the person’s face/body, and the doctors are professional but caring. There really is no other place I would trust to undergo surgery but JK.
Today i was able to take the band off my breasts. It feels much better and more liberating without the elastic band that was constraining my movement. I think the shape looks really nice and they are starting to get soft. The doctor checked on my scars and the whole progress. He answered all of my questions patiently. I’m thankful to have such a kind doctor and medical staff looking after me.
Everyday I’m getting a wider range of motion in my arms. wearing a band around my chest is uncomfortable, but I can see that it’s bringing. my breasts down to a more natural position. I’m able to lift things and walk  for long periods of time which helps to stretch my muscles. Overall, I feel much better and I’m finally able to meet friends and socialize. Even though it’s only been a week of recovery, it felt much longer. i’m really grateful to be recovering so fast.
It’s my 5th day post-op. I feel much better than before I was able to lift my arms up enough to wash my hair and take a shower, which felt really nice. I don’t feel as much soreness anymore but my chest is quite hard and numb. Yesterday I took off the compression garment and everything looks really good so far. They’re the perfect size and shape for my body. There is some swelling in between my breasts but that will go down soon.
I have a wider range of motion in my arms, so I can move them a little more than the past two days. There’s still a feeling of pressure on my chest but I guess that wasn’t go away until I get the garment off. I can’t wait to see the doctor on Monday and finally take off the bandages.  I’ve been using a back massager so my back is feeling better and I have more energy. I’ve been just resting and eating. I can get in and out of bed more easily now. Two of my friends came to see me and bring food, They said my chest looks big, but we’ll have to wait and see.
I can’t see any bruising yet because the compassion garment covers everything. but my chest definitely feels tight and swollen. It hurts using my arms for anything. Sitting up and sitting down and getting in and out of bed are difficult. The muscles near my armpit hurt a lot due to that. My back also hurt and I feel itchy. It’s difficult sleeping I’m wondering what my breasts look like since I can’t see them yet.