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My face looks perfectly normal now

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Honestly, I was a bit worried and scared before my face and breast surgery. But now that it is over, it was not as bad as I thought. After the surgery, I become a lot more self-confident and more loving! I did not even imagine that this change would come to me as I was a timid person. I really appreciate that I have become a more beautiful woman who wants to share this true story to those out there still deciding on which clinic. Thank you jewelry for making my wishes come true!
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I am so full of confidence and I am looking for a D-cup swimsuit in fact.
My face looks perfectly normal now. I keep looking into the mirror and I put a lot of effort into looking after myself. I honestly never imagine myself being so pretty.
After the breast surgery and it actually hurt less than I have imagined. I loved the soft touch and my new size  I have never felt so confident all my youth. Aren’t my breasts beautiful?
I have always felt like a man because of my protruding cheekbones and long face. I did surgery on my face contour, eyes, nose and fat transfer. At first, I was a bit scared to do many surgical sites, but after seven days of duck tongue swelling, I actually looked so cute and pretty like a real woman. My swelling went down day by day and because of my new pretty looks, I get offered seats in restaurants more easily.