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I got surgery at eyes, nose as reoperation and bon contour surgery, fat graft with Jewelry surgery center.

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Hello! It’s already passed 5 months since I’ve got surgery with Jewelry. Operation is Eyes-double eyelids plasty with incision re-operation, epicantho plasty, levator, trans fat under the eyes Nose-rhino plasty re-operation Face fat graft the 2nd Bone contour 3 package surgery – zygoma reduction, mandible angle reduction, T-osteotomey There are all surgery items that I’ve got. It was unsatisfied of my eyes and nose and decided getting re-operation. My decision for getting canthoplasty is cause of enlargement and harmony. I’ve suffered a complex as big and manly face, I used to to be pretty well hidden part of face when I take a photo with friends, not myself. Because I kept regarding as camparing face size.This is before operation. I saw lots of review on Jewelry surgery center website because I desire fancy, elegance image. It looked like quiet heavy right after bone contour 3 package surgery, but was better more and more time past.That’s why they announced me as a enough recovery duration! These are photo of mine that 11th/ 2weeks / 3weeks/ recent after surgery. I am too glad to appreciate about satisfaction of operation result.It’s stayed such a happiness and delight life. Thanks all ^^
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