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Eyes(non-incision+lateral cantho plasty+lower lateral cantho plasty)+fat graft, how could it be natural like?

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Quiet long time I couldn’t find my face of before operation. Feels a bit shame. But the other hands it seemed like proud of being prettier indeed~As you know with photo I had no enough fat, torn eyes and that looked like wild impression:(( Even if mid to late of twenties I’ve heard someone’s mom and used to got injurity. Can you see my pale face? I’ve been calld as pickled cucumber before meet with Jewelry.Follow my type I can’t get fat easily on face, that’s why it looked like longer face.I thought no longer stand and I got counselling from Jewelry, they said I would get looking younger face enough with eye surgery and fat graft.Firstly I was doubt but I could decide cause of helping with consultant’s touching speech and doctor’s delicate explanation!Now it’s awesome! have a little regrets that I should’ve found Jewelry faster than.
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This is the most recent of mind XDSuch a shy for showing, indeed I have lots of appreciation and try to get a brave to board it!Have a satisfaction a lot of smooth connection from forehead line to chin line. Eyes are also enlarged naturally and clearly.Definitely appreciate for consultation, after operation and care, also delicate offers and looking after me to Jewelry counsellor and doctor <3I will visit counsellor and doctor when I stop by Garosu-gil!
Look! This is less than a month after surgery!As written at title, I got double eyelids surgery with non-incision, lateral cantho plasty, lower lateral cantho plasty, fat graft.Atually it has no pain at all when I get stitch out at tail of eyes; no stitch on at eyelids fold cause of non-incisionMiraculously eyes swelling is calm down around a week and get a fold shape, I used to note them up to friends like as I am suitable person for surgery. lol I was afraid that I would get an excessive beauty but it’s looking nice I guess I told them I seek not too splender but natural type.