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The surgery is double eyelids(non-incision),epicanto plasty, lateral epicanto plasty, lowering eye shape. The reason I wanted to have surgery was not simply because of the small eyes, but the gap between the eyes was a little wide and the eyes were lifted up, so the impression was not soft and neither was not a cool impression. When I opened my eyes, I would like my eyes to show the clear line because my eyes are unqual and could not see my double eyelids After the operation, since it was non-incision I was surprised to see that how less I have got swollen and less bruise I had. I decided to do it here because I liked the latest reviews of Jewelry Plastic Surgery. I have no regrets about the operation. opening at the front, back, lowering eye shape and making clear double eyes line, you can see the different image from it right? Before the surgery, I took photoshop or make-up lines to make my eyes shine. I do not need correction after surgery and I do not have to make my eye make up too thick. thank you!
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