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I barely had time to groom myself since I was always busy with my kids and sacrificed so much being mum. Now that the children are all grown up, I also realized all my youth has been gone. When I see my face, I felt sad as I became shabby and ungroomed. Sometimes I feel depressed since I’m almost into menopausal and I really want to get my youth back again!
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I really cannot believe it has been 6 months after I finished surgery! I am embarrassed when I look at the pictures before and after the surgery. I am very grateful and happy to be able to look prettier even as I get older. Do not neglect yourself and think that you are already old, you deserve a chance to look your best again just like me.
After 2~3 months
I felt a little younger because I changed my hairstyle as recommended by the Jewelry Manager. The swelling is now completely gone and the facial movements are so natural! I started part-time work and took a couple of pictures, don’t you like my new self? I met up with ex colleagues whom I haven’t seen for a long time and starting promoting for jewelery of course!
I still have bruises and swelling, but I feel the wrinkles reduced and my skin became tighter in a week! It is definitely different from the face before. Only see the mirror when I brush my teeth for a day but after a week I plucked the courage and I was amazed by the change!