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Eye, Nose, 3DCT-V-line Rectangular Jaw, Accessory Breast Removal, Micro Fat Grafting

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Graduating college, in order to make myself more employable I felt that I had to improve my looks. I tried scrutinizing myself in the mirror every day and realized that I had a wide chin and my small eyes made my impression fierce and intense.
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After being ugly for so many years, I finally looked pretty! With clear big eyes and a slim V line face, many friends sang praises. I feel so much more confident.
I went clubbing and I saw how the men looked at me!! I felt so confident of myself and I was totally blowing people away! All I can say is that my life changed 100% thanks to jewelry!!
My life has completely changed after I met Jewelry. After plastic surgery, I recovered my confidence and became pretty, I succeeded with my job application and to date I am still happily employed.
After the surgery, as most of the swelling went down, the impression of my face looks brighter with bigger eyes. Many people commented that I resemble a certain celebrity especially my face line.
My breasts are full from the side profile and slowly beginning natural and slightly softer. I can’t seem to remember I had A cup breasts before.
It's a miracle that after a week, I felt as if I haven’t got any surgery. The pain was not severe and the swelling was hardly even visible either. I am so looking forward to being beautiful.
The post-operative pain was bearable but the look of my beautiful chest line made me forget about my swelling. I could not sleep at night because I was always admiring how nice and full my breasts are..