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[Contouring Plastic Surgery] I believe it’s the best plastic surgery for men.

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The reason why I got the surgical procedure was because I wanted to gain confidence and I perceived that being able to upgrade my personal impression and being equipped with an outstanding image will create a great image on how others see me. The parts that I wanted to change the most about myself were my wide nose and cheekbones. Below is a photo taken before the surgery. You can tell that the surgery was totally worth it, right? When I was recovering from the surgery, I was embarrassed because I had not experienced that kind of swelling in my life before. However, I recovered very well because the hospital provided thorough explanation on how to manage the parts after surgery. I really appreciate it. I’m so glad that I am given this opportunity to live with a new face before I get older.
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This photo was taken 5 months after surgery. This is the latest picture, taken 5 months after surgery. I think cheekbone reduction and alar reduction surgery were done exceptionally based on the results, and I’ve deviated from my previous tacky style.
15 days after the surgery. This photo was taken 15 days after the surgery. You can tell that my cheekbones narrowed in completely. And I also got the surgery of reducing my nose size when I got the nose surgery. That is why there are lines on both sides of my nose.