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[Breast augmentation] It’s passed more than a month. I am totally satisfied

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It’s passed more than a month. I am totally satisfied. Celebration over one month from surgery day I will write a review! I got Texture implant with armpit incision, actually I planned 300 but costal condition wasn’t enough so decided getting 270cc. Doctor said the most important things for real size as mm is implant’s shape and are because I was looking deperessed. I heard that and make sense. Then I felt better again. Remember operation only that anesthesiologist said would be fall asleep soon and take a nap. Just realized pain like pressed by 10tons rock when I woke up. A week later get a stitch out and treatment for swelling .Didn‘t get all stitch out yet, removed all at 9th day of surgery. As 2 weeks later midterm following up Doctor said well-treated about scar and shape is beautiful, it’s awesome! Then it’s time for photo. Original breast that want to be hidden now been past. Thanks Jewelry surgery center for making my perfect body lineI expected making a space between each breast follow to waist line and I got it. Thank a lot!
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[A month later] This is midterm following up. Need to keep that banding from upper breast till 6 weeks.So mark is leaved lol.
[3 weeks later] Touch feeling and injurities are being better then be happy ^^
[7th day] A week later
[3rd day] The day of feeling real that my beast is bigger.