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After 6 months of Eye, Nose, Fat grafting Surgery

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It's been about 6 months post operation. Most of the fat seems to be survived even it's been about 2months post operation. I hear a lot of people say that my profile looks very nice. I think the line of the nose is important, but more than that, the line from the forehead to the nose bridge is as important as that. That is one of the reason why the fat grafting is necessary. I worried about having the fat going away, but the fat has survived pretty well. I think I look good in the photo because of the fat grafting. I feel the importance of the fat grafting whenever I take photos. I will sure do it again if I need to.
I got my fat grafting touch up cuz it's been 3 months already. I looked a little swelled for about couple of days, but it went away very fast. I seldom hear people saying that I look younger after the fat grafting and I could see it myself too. The fat grafting does help a lot with the face contouring because whichever angle I take the picture from, they all come out very nice. I used to have short chin, but now I injected the fat and look a lot more balanced out. I think the fat grafting was a key^^
Wow, I cannot believe it's been 2 moths already. Can you see the tip went down even more on my photo? I don't even need to do the hot pack or do some walking for de-swelling. I don't look like I had plastic surgery now that my face look so natural LOL I did not realize I had some swelling on my eyes, but now I see the double eyelid fold went down a little and it look so natural like my own^^
The swelling on the nose bothers me a lot cuz comparing it with my eyes, the swelling takes so long to subsides. The nose looked so upturned, but after a month the line has its shape now as if it was never upturned^^ The doctor has mentioned that I should not worry about looking upturned for the first month and, yes he was right. I feel very confident about not being worried about looking different before and after the make-up and it is so easy to do the make-up now since I don't need to use a lot of techniques.