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Upper lip reduction, cheek bone, square jaw reduction, fat grafting

Chery Chery

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I really loved my experience. I traveled alone so I was a bit scared . But the doctor and at staff were all very nice and sweet . The clinic is beautiful and super clean . Everything went smoothly. I always had very wrong bone structure. And I always felt the need to feel more feminine and confident . So the day before surgery we did scans and tests . Everything went super smoothly. The doctor noticed that my bones weren’t Even. I’ve never noticed before . And he was right on the scan we see that clearly. The surgery went smoothly. Woke up with no pain at all . Spent the night in the clinic . Was very happy everyone was very attentive to me . The doctor came to see me many times :) making me feeling good and confident about my result . Now 7 months later I’m very happy with my result :) I was swelling for 3 months ... but everyday is was better than the previous . The first 2 weeks I was mostly eating liquids ... but it was worth it ... cuz today I’m happy with my result . I’m definitely going back to Hyundai clinic for more procedures this year :)
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Hi how much does it cost
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