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Rhinoplasty + Fat graft + PRP + Eye bag removal + Thread Lift + Lip Filler

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I contacted Miss Miu a few months ago, she negotiated to Huyndai Aesthetic a nice deal for the following procedures : - Rhinoplasty (full + bump removal) - Under eye bag removal - Full face fat graft + PRP - Thread lifting - Lip Filler - Botox on the outside corner of the eyes The surgery date has been blocked for the 17th of July as soon as I paid for the deposit (equal 10% of the total surgery amount, which was 13 000 000₩ or 11 500$). A pick up went to welcome me at the airport the day of my arrival (on the 16th) and drove me directly to the clinic for my first meeting with consultant and Dr Jeong. Sky was my translator at the clinic and was absolutely adorable. She regularly took news by kakao and arranged for my pick up and taxi after the surgery. She also proposed me her help during my stay in Korea. Dr Jeong was very listening and explained everything to me really great before the surgery. He immediately understood that I wanted a natural result and worked this way on my face to improve but not completely modify my appearance. The day of surgery I arrived at the clinic and was told to change, then the lines were drawn on my face by dr Jeong and I went into surgery room. They took my blood for PRP and then put me to sleep for collecting the fat on my thighs and proceed on surgeries. I woke up really great, no major pain, no nausea, I was just really sleepy, and was able to leave 2 hours after the end of surgery. The swelling began the day after, I was told to visit the clinic every days the first three days where they changed my bandages and cleaned my face ( I am not allowed to do it myself until the stitches of my nose are removed.) Than every 2 days. Now I am at day 7 after surgery. I still have bruises and swelling because I had many procedures at the same time, but it slowly fades away. The thread lift is a bit painful and the most swollen on my face. Tomorrow they remove stitches and bandages from my nose. Will post some progress photos regularly.
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Well it was really really hot so time for surgery was not easy.I had swelling that last very long.But clinic listened to every of my complaints and was really kind to me. I had a lot of post treatment like deswelling skin care and mask which helped me a lot so thanks to them. And now I'm feeling better with myself, everybody say that I look younger and healthier, I can go out without make up with no problem. I still feel like myself despite all the interventions, just younger and prettier, which was what I wanted! So I'm satisfied! They fixed everything that went wrong from the first time (like my lips were overfilled it made a bump so I asked them to remove the filler and they did. Also the fat graft created a lump under left eye but they removed it down second surgery so hyundai really care about their patients !)
I am now almost 2 months post surgery, and back to France. Everyhting happened well, clinic offered me a second free surgery for fat grafting touch up before I fly back to France. Here are all the pictures of my evolution !
Second Surgery : Day 19
Second Surgery : Day 15
Second Surgery : Day 6
Second Surgery : Day 4
Second Surgery : D Day