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lip curl/mouth corner surgery

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So this update is nearly two months after the stitches have been out/healing my lips without them! Just some advice for everyone, don’t be too discouraged about how it looks at first. I did have what appeared to be hypertrophic (raised) scarring on the bottom corners of my lips. It did scare me at first, especially with how red/brownish they appeared. Thankfully they’ve faded and shrunk a lot, but I definitely can’t go without makeup otherwise they’re still kind of noticeable. The consultant at Hyundai I kept in contact with let me know that it should fade over time, but it does take months depending on your skin. I’m a pretty slow healer so I guess it’s not a surprise I’m still dealing with scar discoloration and etc. after the surgery. I would just advise y’all to not expose your lips to sunlight otherwise you’ll deal with discoloration like me. Also the skin/muscle tissue that was performed on still feels a little hard if I press on it because of the scars healing. It takes around a full year for the scar maturation process to complete. Good thing though is that swelling is all gone! Here’s some pictures of my lips now with makeup!
An update with healing: lips definitely looks scary these past few days because of the swelling but I think I can tell it’ll turn out really nice because I can see Dr. Hong’s stitching is really good. He’s the best surgeon I’ve been to yet for stitching I think. I’ll post a picture for y’all to see! They gave me a cream to apply over the corners to prevent infection while the stitches are still in. Doesn’t really hurt having them in at all really but the only issue is eating. You can’t really eat at all because your mouth won’t open that wide with the stitches in, otherwise then yes you will feel pain. I’ve just been drinking lots and lots of soymilk instead since stretching/messinng with the stitches is something I’m trying to avoid until I get them taken out.
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