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I really did not like how my face is starting to look older especially the middle of my forehead, it makes my face look long and my hump nose has always been my complex. My entire face just looks like its aging and I have never once heard someone telling me that I have a baby face. Hence all the more I really wanted to fix my prominent nose! Got to know GNG via a friend’s recommendation, my friend did her nose with them and it turned out so pretty and natural looking.
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Its been 2 months since my surgery. Friends said I have become more sophisticated on the whole. It puts me in a good mood to finally hear I look young. A big thank you to my doctor!
Time flies~ Its already a month! Thanks to my friend’s recommendation, my results were amazing. There were even friends who’d looked at me and asked me for recommendations as well. I am not sure if all my friends would end up getting things done at GNG kkk my doctor really did a good job, and both me and my friend are very satisfied.
Now that its been 2 weeks, my nose is starting to look a lot natural. My nose still looked sharp even after I’d removed the implants inside. I merely had to put on a very thin layer of make-up and I am ready to leave the house, nobody could tell I did surgery! I am impressed by the result – because it changed the entire impression people have of me. These days I catch myself grinning from ear to ear each time I look at my reflection in the mirror, I think It really was a good decision made to get surgery done.
Finally removed splint, and got to see my nose. Though its still swelling a bit, I am very happy with how the shape of my nose turns out. I’d only just done something to my nose and my whole impression changed! I thought of doing my jaw originally but after seeing my nose I’d realized there was no such need anymore.
One week has flown by, I couldn’t wait to see my new nose, it was all I was looking forward to. The day I finally have a pretty nose!
I usually have no guts but I did my surgery anyway, as I didn’t really get swelling and bruises. It felt a bit uncomfortable as I have implants inserted into my nose but overall it was still bearable.