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Non-Silicone Implant Nose Surgery (ribs -> rib cartilage), mandibular implants

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My concern was my nose bridge and flared nose tip. I envisioned to have defined nose tip. I came to Girin PS and had a consultation.I heard many times that Girin PS is specialized in facial bone contour surgery. A friend I met at the guesthouse got a nose job there,and it looked pretty good. So I decided to visit and see the doctor at Girin PS. Dr. Lee from this clinic explained in detail and showed many of his surgical cases. I decided to go ahead my nose surgery with this clinic. He recommended me to do the rib cartilage for the nose bridge instead of the silicone implant. My nose was very low so that the rib cartilage implant might be the ideal type of surgery for me. Oh, my God! However, I have seen many people with inflammation after silicone nose surgery and have always had negative thoughts. I was interested in rib cartilage nose surgery because it has few side effects. My ideal shape of the nose is a high nasal bridge and a looking natural likeski slope curve. Dr. said he could make improvements to my nose shape. And my mouth looked like protruded because of the smallchin volume. I also decided to have a surgery to put implants in the chin. I was very nervous just before I go into the surgery,but the consultant helped me kindlyto relax.
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I had tape on my nose until day 7. It looked pretty good when they removed the tape from the nose. It was so comfortable when they took out the cotton ballsfrom the nostril. I found it was so comfortable and friendly to breathe through the nose again.Finally, when I see the result, it was the nose that I wanted to have, and I was satisfied with it. I still have bruises under the eyes and some swelling, but I am very satisfied with my nose surgery. My face from the tip of my nose to the chin looks slim and feminine. The nose shape and the 3D profile from the side seem to have a significant influence on the facial image. Now I feel like I am a different person. You can be pretty without going through the facial bone surgery (ASO) or two jaw surgery. You don’t have to go through the most invasive facial bone surgery! I think you can find the alternative solution as I did at Grin PS.
When I sleep, my mouth feels a bit dry,but there is no particular inconvenience other than that. It was troublesome because of a runny nose and stuffiness. I wanted to breathe through the nose soon.
I had a nose job done through the rib cartilage method,and the nose tip was getting defined as well. I was very worried about the swelling and nose tip result.The swelling was not so bad. I had a bit of swelling around the eyes and a bit of bruising on the cheeks. It was uncomfortable to keep sticky bandage and keep the cotton ball inside the nostrils. It was particularly uncomfortable while I was sleeping. It kept waking me up once every two hours. I habitually slept on the side and was surprised and awoke again. Soon my front chin line was getting more defined,and it seemed to be a V- line. I would regret if I didn't have this surgery. My face looks much slimmer and feminine. It was definitely a Good Choice!