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Jaw + Eyelid Revision, Accusculpt, Fat Graft

Binaca Lee Binaca Lee

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I was not satisfied with my jaw shape and eye-lid (Lateral Epicanthoplasty) ! So I decided to get revision on those two part including fat grafting, accu-sculpt and etc.. I know all these procedures add up to quite a lot but I just want to be pretty! Finally, comes surgery day.. I felt nervous and scared. Also required to take a blood test before the surgery.
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1 month after surgery
Post OP 7 days!! Removed my stitches, so had no problem to eat but I had to finish my medicine to prevent possibility of side-effects.
Post OP 4 days.. Still swelling.. However compared to before.. my cheeks are in better shape! There wasn't any problem to EAT something!! I really had a hard time, it almost felt like extreme diet to me! doctor said the operation had been successfully done
Post OP.. I felt pain so I took some painkillers the nurse gave me ;-S Doctor came to check surgery parts such as jaw, cheekbone etc I had to stay one day in the hospital! I felt quite hungry but I couldn't really chew yet, so I ate chocolate instead.