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Fat Graft in full disclosure

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There was no difficulty in communication with the doctor because there was a medical interpreter. The representative doctor consulted me and designed on my face in detail. He kindly explained in detail to me. I was very excited about the changes I would have. After the fat transplant, I was told that it would be more satisfying because it makes me look younger than my age, and I agreed it would be effective. The doctor was reliable,and he explained well about the side effects. It was good to describe the side effects of surgery on the day of surgery. I do not know if the side effect will happen to me or not, but I think I should know it in advance. I signed on my surgery consent form and lay on the operating table, and I was excited and also very very nervous. I was relieved because the interpreter was on my side until I was lying on the operating table and anesthetized. And the doctor can speak good English.
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I did not put too much fat because I wanted to look more natural and beautiful rather than drastic changes. So I had not too much swelling,and I could go back to the normal life with no problem. Many of my friends asked me about the clinic information. My fat transplant settled very well,and many friends of mine said I look younger and youthful than before. They asked me about the clinic information. I would like to revisit Girin PS and have consultations with my friends next year. I think it was good to have transplanted fat. In winter, many people in Korea seem to have plastic surgery. I was surprised by the number of patients in the clinic. And Botox at this clinic is only 35,000 won. The price of Korean and foreign patients are the same. It is a perfect system. The nose fillers are also 79,000 won, but there is no volume limitation for the injection. This time, I only got the Botox injection,but next time I will do filler treatment too.