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Cheekbone+jaw reduction+chin revision

Yongyy Yongyy

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I really love this picture of my face I think I look perfect in every angle there are some people have failed with their vline face because they had wrong undergo the surgery but mine the v line I have just perfect as I wanted its vey natural as you see!
After 2 weeks I went to hospital to took out the strings after that the swollen even reduce faster,I think my recovery time is so instant compare to my long face before now I look so much younger with my soft n small face I also realized the young people who comes to korea is increasing every year
After 10 days after surgery I went to Duty free to shopping with my plaster on my face but people just don’t know who am I and also my swollen has reduce a lot that I really enjoy my shopping time in seoul
It looks good right?before my chin look so unnatural n long but now I look so much younger