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Hi, my name is Wiwat and I work in the broadcast field in Thailand. Before getting my surgery done, my biggest complex was my facial structure. My face was long and I also had a square jaw, so whenever I was on broadcast, my face would look big. My face overall has no volume which also contributed to how huge of a complex my face is to me. Of course there are people around me who say that my face now doesn’t look bad so many of them do ask me why I want to get surgery done. As someone who works in broadcast, I do tend to get more opinionated on my features, and that’s why I decided to get plastic surgery done.
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For my nose, for the first two weeks, my sensory was weak but within the third week, my sensory was coming back. After doing my alar reduction surgery, I was worried if my scars would look too obvious but as you can see, the scars are not visible at all. I also felt that my jawline swellings were almost all reduced during the third week post-surgery. There is still a little swelling left but I’m sure it will reduce even more. Firstly, I think I’ve gain more confidence in myself which makes me feel good and because of the fat grafting, I look way younger than before. My friends also tell me that my aura has also changed quite a lot. Since I’m meeting my friends after a long time, they were very surprised too. They ask me why my aura has changed, and also tell me that I have become more handsome. I hope everyone could be cool and find confidence like I did!
As time passes by, it’s starting to look natural and I am very satisfied with it. I did the V-Line, Rhinoplasty and Fat Grafting all at once but there was no botching at all and I was very glad that everything turned out well. Also, when I go to the clinic, the consultants, coordinators and doctors treat me so well so I am very thankful.
I look like a carp right? Haha! However, it did not swell up as much as I was expecting it to, so I guess that is a relief! I’ll have to use the ice pack more often.