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Two-Jaw Surgery & V-Line, Cinderella Circle Eye Surgery, Rhinoplasty, Lifting

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I am a 30 years old housewife with a 4 years old daughter. I also have malocclusion and uneven facial structure which makes me look like I am an angry person, as I have heard from some people. And when I eat, I use the inner part of my jaw to chew, so I have never tried chewing with the frontal side of my mouth. To be honest, it wasn’t this severe when I was younger, but when I hit puberty, my chin elongated and while everyone was being pretty and using make-up when they go out, I used to go out in secret avoid showing my face as it was my biggest complex. I’ve heard from many people who judged me that by just looking at my face, they assumed that because I am ugly, my attitude also would be bad. In my life, I have received so much hurt. Even my husband whom I trusted the most left me and left the house. I feel like this is just not right so I decided that I want to start a new life, which made me decide that I want to do plastic surgery.
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Nowadays, I am living without much worry. Previously, I could only eat porridge so I think this is why now I can only eat about half a bowl of rice, which has caused me to lose a lot of weight as well. But, now I can eat whatever I want! From the beginning to now, I can see all the differences and good progress on my face, so I have been living a very fun life. For those who are thinking of orthognathic surgery! Please stay strong! Your struggle will only be temporary…you should get your surgery done!
When I think of my face before surgery, the bottom part of my mouth is protruded that makes me look angry all the time as I have heard from people. But when I look at my mouth and jawline now, I can see that it changed so much. Because I am constantly eating porridge, I end up going to the washroom often and I get hungry fast too. Slowly, my breathing is getting better and I am starting to sleep well now. I am very happy nowadays.
Before my surgery, I looked up pictures of after surgery and everyone seemed to sleep while lying down, so I decided to try as well but it was really, really uncomfortable. After moving around to find the right position to sleep, I was in discomfort for a few hours and ended up putting my pillows up high and slept off. The surgeon also told me that I had to start practicing opening my mouth and jaw, so every morning, noon and evening I practice for 10 minutes.
As you could see, the surgery was a success! When I went into the operation theatre, I was really nervous. After waking up from my general anesthesia, I was already in the recovery room. I was so absent-minded after surgery and it didn’t hurt but I was cold I felt a little stuffy. I had to sleep with sedation on this day.
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