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My swellings have gone down by a lot, and my recovery time was very fast as well. My eyes are more obvious and I also did my nose, so my face looks like it’s really fresh. I really like my eyes and nose now. My nose is smoother now and my nose bridge is also higher, so I am very happy with it. The surgery this time round was 1000% satisfactory. At first my friends kept asking me if the surgery was going to be safe, and they tried to get me to change my mind about getting the surgery done, but everyone said it was very well done after my surgery was done. I didn’t know this day will come where I wouldn’t have to Photoshop my pictures. Really ladies~ Don’t worry too much, and for those who are thinking of nose and eye surgery, do visit Cinderella Plastic Surgery Clinic.
The frontal and side view of my pictures turn out beautiful, so my friends have complimented me a lot. I really think that my eyes and nose were done so well. The major swellings have reduced and only the minor swellings are left. Honestly, I even like how it looks right now. And for scarring at the eyes, aside from looking closely in a mirror, it is not visible at all.
Finally, today is the day I will be removing my stitches. I would be removing my stitches in my eyes, and I would also be removing my nose cast which I was waiting for since my surgery ended. But because it has only been one week, the bruises around my eyes were slowly recovering. They were bruises, but they were not painful at all. For the swelling to go down more, I would have to use the ice packs more often!
My swellings were the worst on the 3rd day after my surgery and swellings in the morning and night are totally different. The bruises around my eyes became worse and they became green-ish.