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Operation : facial contouring (malar, chin, square jaw), nose

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The most important thing is that I have no side effect until now. I can easily open my jaw and chew hard stuffs. I don’t have anything uncomfortable so far. If you are still considering, I want you to make decision now and become pretty like me. Look for best clinics and I hope this review helps everyone who reads it.
I took this picture after I got makeup done to attend my sister’s wedding. How does it look like? Does it look natural and beautiful? In my opinion, I’ve been prettier from any angles as you can see. I love to take pictures now
One month later, as you can see, I didn’t have any swelling or bruise on my face. After the surgery, I took a profile picture right away and gained my confidence since then. Also, many people asked me if I lost weight and how come I’d been prettier because the swelling was reduced a lot. My face got smaller for sure and there was nothing uncomfortable.