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My nose is not very low, but the nose seems to feel slightly downward. The sides are so wide that my nose looks like it covers most of my face. The round face and wide nose made my face look big. The nose that looked like a strong pair of wings made me very troubled. It made me look like I kept opening my nostrils.
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I was advised to do a surgery that would reduce my nasal base and raise my nasal tip at the same time. I was told that there are limits to how much I can reduce my alar base so reduction will only be done to the point before my nose starts to appear unnatural. However, the surgery lifted up my nasal bridge which somehow made my nasal base appeared much narrower. One thing for sure is that there is now a three-dimensional effect added to the center of my face, giving it a slimmer overall look. Scarring was not as bad as I had expected and it did not cause me much inconvenience.