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Nasal Bridge, Nasal Tip, Alar Base Resection

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After the nose surgery, my face now appears less wide and more feminine on the whole. At first, I doubted that an alar base reduction would change my look much but I really did witness a great change in my image. I work in the service industry and I am now confident to meet people. All my customers complimented that my surgery was done right and this made me really happy.
Day by day, I could see my nose, which used to be wide and fat, getting slimmer and slimmer. It felt less swollen and started to take the shape of a real nose. My colleagues had showered me with positive comments when I returned to work after a 5-day rest, but now that two weeks have passed, they all think I had made the right decision to go for the surgery, which made me feel that it was all well worth it!
The splint covering the nose, as well as some of the sutures were removed. There was still swelling and I was told that swelling at the nasal tip, in particular, will take a long time to subside. The clinic staff told me that I might experience nasal congestion after the surgery and kindly advised me on ways to deal with it. Thus, I recovered without much problems till the sutures were ready to be removed. The bridge of my nose became higher and the shape and size of my nasal base definitely appeared much smaller. I was surprised to find the scars at my nasal base not very visible.