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Finally getting my BREAST IMPLANTS! Recently, I had shared about my weight-loss success of shaking off 10kg excess weight. Well..I can't have the best of both world, while losing the mass on my fat tummy, my neck, my arms.. I also lost the 2 round mass on my chest... I definitely miss those much fuller boobs, I drastically drop from a full D cup to a B. Choke! Yes, they just vanished into the thin air, unknowingly.. gust.. I have always loved to be sexy feminine, & as a woman, truly there are limited years to shine in seen beauty. But still to temper on my breast, took me a long time to make this decision. Jus in the morning before flying off to Korea, i seen & spoke to top oncology professor, Dr Mona tan. I learnt that breast implant is a better option for breast enhancement compared to fat transfer to breast, in terms of its reading on future breast screening scan. As the implant is placed under the breast tissue, it does not affect the breast ultrasound reading on any existing/future breast tissue lumps. As for breast fat transfer, however the transferred fat might not survive, dead & create multiple small lumps that will confuse the ultrasound scan reading. For women, we all know that there is a deadly women disease- breast cancer. All women with or without breast implant should go for regular breast screening to detect any abnormal growth. There I did my detailed ultrasound scan & hop on the flight to Korea. In BK hospital this morning, I did a chest x-ray, ct-scan, blood test, urine test & also electrocardiogram for the heart. As breast implant surgery requires a general anesthesia and is a bigger surgery. All done, all set.. TOMORROW'S MORNING is my surgery. My surgeon is BK hospital founder's DR KIM BYUNG GUN. Just two months ago, he did a great job on my rhinoplasty & threadlift. As i had always mentioned how I love my new look these days. Gladly Dr kim is also very well-known for his breast implant surgery. I feel so blessed that i have a top doctor to put my trust with in such an important surgery. Wish me best of luck! Let me be in Feminine energy with Masculine Force. -Foyce's Voice.
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3 MONTHS post-op BREAST Augmentation Whao. Today is Exactly 3 months. I been so thrilled enjoying my newly transformed pace, that i totally forgot to come back into penning down my reviews. As u can see from my constant spamming of bosoms posts, i hv been loving my new masses so much. My gal friends love having a grasp hold of them too. They are pretty soft now. Muscle relaxes off the implant about 1% a day, which gives the implant more room to move in the submuscular space. This is what makes the breast softer. So at 3 mths, the breast is like 80% soften. Although i had always been a D before my 10kg weightloss, in fact now i am still wearing the same bras i wore before weightloss. (No time to buy new bras, erm plus basically i go braless most of the time) whlist was the same cup size when i was real fat, but i always never had the upper pole fullness. I used to have to push my massive side breast & lower breast to form the significant cleavage i desired. But now, no! The upper fullness mass is always there.. i feel those are kinda most sexy & really like it. Not to mention, how much contrast those were 2 cups size down after my weightloss, right before the op. They are like perfectly wonderfully transformed back, helps me brings out my daring feminine vibes, swagness, distinct personality & attitude flows in. I noticed my ig videos post were barely a 2000 views some rising up to up to 40000 views per video & still rolling on the hashtag top post now. Endorsement sponsor offers from head to toe flows in, international artistes wrote in for music colloboration. Be flying to america & europe for big projects. All these will not had happened without my willpower & BK hospital being the great pillar of regaining & transforming my confidence beauty. Great gratefulness to both my doctors, Dr Kim Byung Gun & Dr Kum In Seop. Founder Dr Kim is all-rounded top surgeon & Dr Kum is specialise expertise in breast augmentation. They are not just my doctors but my great friends.
After 1 month
I HAVE 2 BALLOONS!! Bandage Off!! In hospital ward after my breast augmentation. From the pain I'm getting, I was anxiously expecting to see fully BLUE-BLACK boobs, but amusingly nearly no bruises on the outer since Day 1 post-operation. I had chosen the "TEARDROP" shape implant which is similar to natural breasts, instead of the typical "round" shape implant. Ha. Wait! Don't be shock by the big round look in this picture, it is swollen in the inside, once the swelling goes down, it will fall into the implant shape of "teardrop", which is less volume on the upper pole & more fullness on the lower pole. I only put in a 315cc IMPLANT which will be quite similar to my small D before weight-loss of 10kg. Of course me as Ms Greedy would have wanted to go for a GIGANTIC G cup.. Joking!! Anyway what hold me to go "too big" is because fear of the most common breast complication called CAPSULAR CONTRACTURE. Too large implant increases the risk of capsular contracture whereby capsule of inner scar tissue becomes unusually hard & start to contract around the implant. This will cause the breast to turn into overly ROUND & HARD, & in more severe case might even go into misshape. Hollywood celebrity like Victoria Beckham pictured gotten capsular contracture & later opened up about getting her implants removed. Therefore, it’s important to follow its preventative strategies. I used the lately in favour cohesive silicone-gel breast implant, commonly known as GUMMY BEAR implants. Not because it’s in gummy bear shape. LOL! These implants are designed to hold its shape better than traditional silicone even if implant is cut in half, the form-stable gel within the implant should maintain its shape, similar to what would happen if you CUT a gummy bear in half- hence the nickname. Gummy structure lining keep gel molecules from leaking out which can happen with regular silicone implants. The textured surface of gummy implants makes it more difficult for thick scar tissue to develop about the implant, hence lower risk of capsular contracture. Everything’s well prepared, ha.. but one thing, well…. I had definitely underestimated was the ‘PAIN’. People have been telling me breast implant is the most painful plastic surgery. I go “Nah!”.. I have high tolerance for pain after having been through 2 car accidents & and several health operations. I thought pain was not something I should be worried about. However, on that day out of the operating theatre, when the general anesthesia was wearing off and I was gaining consciousness …. I was taken aback by the shooting pain… like my breasts were about to EXPLODE. Seriously! Luckily, I was taken to the ward with the care of beneficent nurses. I was so in pain connected to the painkiller drip on one side, while having blood drainage tube on the other side. It’s killer when I need to go PEE, it’s impossible to get up from the lying position by my own. Each time the nurse need to lift me up, it hurt me the most, as the implant will shift downward with sudden force into the wounded stretched muscle. Bandage and blood drainage was removed a week after the surgery. While my armpit stitches were removed on the 10th day, everything was well. I am glad that I had passed through this torment period & I regained my FULLER BOSOM back. I had quietly tried on my usual low-cut dresses and I love my perfect hour-glass silhouette now. For all these, I’m grateful for to Dr. Kim Byung Gun and Dr. Kum In Seop. I feel blessed to be the ambassador of BK Hospital.