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Which Season is best for Plastic Surgery?
Jun 14 2017 28 13150


Some of you might be wondering when is the best season to do plastic surgery especially when your destination for surgery has four seasons like Korea! We studied trends of foreign patients and then came up with some analysis!

For surgery like face lift, rhinoplasty, double eyelids ,brow lift, body contouring ,liposuction, breast surgery, laser resurfacing fat grafting etc, most people actually like surgery to be done in Winter. Not only there is a longer holiday but most will also try to enhance themselves as a New Year resolution! The cold Winter allows you to wear bulky sweaters and less fitting clothing therefore it helps conceal swelling and bruising after surgery. Also Winter is also best for hibernation; that is to stay indoors all the time and it is perfect time to stay out of the sunlight to avoid the direct sunlight. However, frequent walking is normally advised by the clinics to help de-swell faster post operation.

Many people choose Spring or Fall as it is the perfect weather for cosmetic surgery! The weather is cool but not too cold. But it’s all depends on preferences. Spring is good for people who don’t like extreme cold and is a friendly climate that helps prepare a brand new you for summer! Imagine having that perfect breast on the summer beach with accompanied with a slim bodyline!

Summer is usually not very popular amongst foreigners coming to Korea for plastic surgery because of the exposure to sunlight. However some people believe that in summer the surgery wounds heal better due to the sunlight! Different schools of thoughts?

The body metabolism also works faster in summer which means every function of the body works faster too! Ultimately it is still an individual decision and the weather is only one factor when deciding for plastic surgery. For successful results, you need to plan your in depth consultations and learn more about safe and certified clinics through licensed medical tourism agencies. For more information on licensed agencies, please visit: http://english.visitmedicalkorea.com/english/pt/seoulsvcprovider/BD_agencyList.do?q_cpUserDivCd=1002&q_treatZone=1001&q_flag=y

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