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Step by Step: Prepare your Korean Medical Travel
Jun 13 2017 28 6604


1. Consulting with the professional agent

Searching the internet to find the right surgery hospital might be challenging for most people who are inexperienced. to prepare your korean medical travel find out The Korea governing board MEDICAL KOREA lists these medical agents to be licensed in Korea : http://english.visitmedicalkorea.com/english/pt/seoulsvcprovider/BD_agencyList.do?q_cpUserDivCd=1002&q_treatZone=1001&q_flag=y Professional agents listen to your needs to get maximized results when preparing for plastic surgery. Cosmetic surgery is actually team work with the patient and doctors being the main stars while the consultant and family members become the support team. It is also recommended to be knowledgeable about the background of the surgery hospital, doctors’ qualifications and board certification and also planning the budget. Success surgeries come with careful planning and knowledge!


2. Visa

Some countries may need visa to enter Korea so check if you need one before buying your air ticket! You can either call the Korean embassy in your home country, surf the internet or get consultation with a medical agent which they already have experiences in assisting foreigners.


3. Arrange an ideal time to do the surgery and buy your tickets

Some people ask when would be the best season to have plastic surgery? There’s actually no ideal time but certain seasons can be more crowded in Korea. Consult with your professional consultant so you could avoid unpleasant surprises especially if you are someone who cannot stand the cold winter or really dislike summer heat.


4. Hotel accommodation, pick up transportation and get an interpreter

There are many alternatives for you to find travel accommodation these days. Affordable hotels, apartments, guesthouses etc can be found from the internet or travel agent. Once your accommodation is booked, you will need options for airport transfer either through your medical agent or you can have more fun exploring local subway and airport limousine buses! Also, if your hospital does not have English interpreting services, its best to engage one since it is surgery we are talking about here!


5. Sign the surgery consent form

The main purpose of the informed consent process is to protect the patient. As mentioned earlier, a capable and sound adult cannot be forced into having any type of medical treatment. In general, patients require consent before surgery other than in a life-threatening emergency where the patient is unconscious. Doing cosmetic surgery also requires this consent where you will be asked to sign and that you understand the limitations from any form of cosmetic surgery. You may ask for a copy of the consent form after you have signed it.


6. Do the surgery and prepare for recovery time

Always understand that it is a surgery and not a procedure. Be patient and wait for the results! The hospital consultant should be able to give you a gauge on how long you are expected to recover like an estimate length of time for bruising and swelling. Every individual recovers at their own pace depending on the surgeries they choose but do not worry because the hospital will normally manage a speedy recovery for the patient. However your mindset plays an important part in the recovery too!


7. Last but not least explore Seoul

Korea is not only the plastic surgery capital of the world but also a Heaven for the beauty, cosmetic and fashion lovers ! After your surgery, explore Garosugil, Gangnam which are relatively nearer to most surgery clinics. Myeong dong, Dongdaemun and Hongdae university areas would make your shopping experience more exciting! Your time in Korea will never be boring!

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