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Part 2: Other Breast Surgeries You Should Know !
Mar 30 2017 28 9929


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As we have gone through the details over what breast augmentation is all about in our previous article, let us know go through other aspects of breast surgery. They are mainly areas regarding nipple correction, lifting of one’s breast or breast reduction.

Nipple Correction

Oversized nipples can be reduced as well as the size of the areola. In the case of an areola reduction, it would be more from an aesthetic point of view, as with a smaller areola, the breast may appear larger and for some, more pleasing to the eye. For a nipple correction, a nipple can be disformed or inverted. In such cases, a cosmetic nipple surgery will be able to offer a solution. However, every case differ from each other, and it would be a better option to get proper consultation and opinion from your doctor of choice. Approximately 20% of the female population may have at least one inverted nipple. The shape and size of both nipples may also differ.

Inverted nipples

Having abnormalities and imperfections can affect feelings of self-worth and lower one’s self-confidence. An inverted nipple is caused by many reasons, mostly congenital. Because it is mainly caused by the tissue inside the breast when the tissue is attached extra tightly to the inside of the nipple’s skin. It can pull the skin in and towards the inside of the chest, creating an inverted nipple.



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Nipple Reduction

Nipples which protrude too much or are too long can be congenital or as a result of breast feeding. Another commonly known term for protruding nipples is also known as “cherry nipple”. Cosmetic surgery to correct over sized nipples is a very popular treatment and is suitable for both men as well as women.


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Breast Lifting

Breast lifting (also known as mastopexy) is mainly a surgery that restores one’s breast’s shape and volume that may have been lost due to age, weight loss, or nursing. With breast lifting, the common way to do it is to reposition the nipple higher on the chest wall whilst removing any extra stretched skin to create a more youthful breast contour. In most cases, a breast lift alone may not achieve the desired results that the patient might want. In such cases, combining a breast lift with breast augmentation would be a fairly common process. So if you feel that your breasts looks “deflated” or have lost some volume due to the reasons we have mentioned earlier, your surgeon can then place breast implants during the breast lift surgery to restore fullness and shape to the breast.


Breast Reduction

Also known as Reduction Mammoplasty is the plastic surgery procedure for reducing the size of large breasts by removing some of the tissue and skin from the breasts to reshape and reduce the size of the breast to a size that fits the patient’s requirements. People with overly large breasts may have difficulties in their normal day to day life as the extra burden on their chest may result in back or shoulder pain or make their bodies look disproportionate. To remove tissue and skin from the breast, the surgeon will normally make one or more cuts in the breast. After the excess tissue and skin have been removed, the skin is closed with stitches. Sometimes the nipple and areola will have to be repositioned. At times, liposuction can also be used along with the surgery.

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