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Confession: Born in Singapore, beauty made in Korea
Aug 24 2017 28 9945

Who: Min, sales consultant, early 20s


Her story:
"I've always disliked my small, single-lid eyes and flat nose, and I wanted to go for plastic surgery in Korea because I like the natural look that Korean doctors can achieve. Just look at all the Korean celebrities, all looking so young, feminine and natural! I also heard many good reviews from friends, and decided to fly to Korea in 2014 for double eyelid surgery and rhinoplasty (nose job)."

Her Korea experience:
"I had surgery done at Mega Plastic Surgery clinic. My doctor was Dr Lee Ju Hong. He's a board-certified surgeon with 7 years of experience (excluding 5 years of general medical experience), and I felt very comfortable when I met him for consultation. The surgery was a good experience, minus the pain and discomfort of recovery, of course. I stayed at an Air B n B apartment for 10 days, and all the major swelling subsided within two weeks."

Korea vs Singapore:
"I don't really trust Singapore doctors for plastic surgery - they don't perform as many surgeries as the doctors in Korea, and their aesthetic sense also pales in comparison. Singapore is expensive too. A trip to Korea, with cost of travel, accommodation and surgery all included, can cost less than doing it in Singapore. So Korea really offers good value for money, and their doctors are more skillful and experienced."

Advice for others:
"It was not easy to find fair and honest reviews of Korean plastic surgery clinics online. Forum reviews can be biased as well, as they can be written by clinics. Blogs can give you better insight, but you have to keep in mind that bloggers are sponsored too. So I read blogs to help me prepare for what I will have to go through, but not to help me choose which clinic to go to. Instead, I went through a medical tourism agency and was served by a Singaporean lady who was very kind and understanding and she recommended me a good doctor, and I have been very satisfied with my results thus far."


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