BANOBAGI Plastic Surgery
BANOBAGI Plastic Surgery
Address : 517, Nonhyeon-ro, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Korea
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Specialty : Liposuction Nose Eye Breast Face lift Fat Grafting Skin Toxin Filler Hairline


BANOBAGI thinks that the patients are our family, therefore we do not force excessive surgery or no need surgery to patients for our profitable benefits. Our philosophy of humanism leads us to the best representative of plastic surgery in Korea.

1. Safety

Anesthesiologist available 24 hours?
- Resided Anesthesiologist is available recording 0 medical malpractice cases for 17years since the opening
Does it hold an uninterruptible power supply?
- Yes, we do have and do regular inspection
Patient monitoring equipment?
- CMS Monitoring system is equipped and it will be directly alarmed to all of our medical staff
A-Line ductus arteriosus , inner tube artery , arterial pressure monitor?
- Equipped in the Operating room, 1st Recovery room or DSC
Sterilization system? ( Sterilization and cleaning , ultrasonic disinfection of bacteria , EO gas sterilized , high-pressure gas sterilization )
Heart defibrillators?
- Available
Emergency equipment annular incision thyroid?
- Available
Emergency First Aid Kit?
- Available
Is the manual replaceable in case of an emergency?
- CPR Team and Manual are available

2. Surgery

Surgeon who does the consultation will also do the surgery?
- Yes, your opereating surgeon is responsible from consultation-surgery-post care treatment
Do you provide the certificate of the surgeon who did the surgery?
- Provide Medical certificate and surgery document when patients request
If the patient is dissatisfied with the procedure, would there be additional costs involved?
- Controlled under an CCM Manual of internal Task Force Team
If side effects occur, how would you treat the patient?
- Builds immediate action process and registed at doctor and hospital liability insurace

3. Post Surgery Care

Any de-swelling treatment?
- Various latest LED equipments and esthetic care system are available which optimized in Swelling, bruises, infection treatment
Any pain management care?
- Self-controlled and painless pain mamagement
Emergency manual such as 24 hours hotline care?
- Available
F/U Program?
- Internal Routine Process is held
Surgery details certificate
- Provide for tax refund purpose or when patients request for the surgery cost

4. Patient' Surgery Record

How do you keep patients' records?
- All Electronic chart data is being computerized
If patients request for the records?
- Given upon request
How long do you keep patients' records?
- Computerized Records (Lifetime)

5. Provided Service

Transportation? (Pickup / sending the airport?)
- Possible (Additional Cost occurred)
Language services?
- English, Chinese, Thai, Vietnamese, Russian
What other services do you provide for foreign patients?
- Resided pathology and pathologist, Lab test (1 day), Interpretation and 1:1 patient care services etc

6. Medical Reimbursement Insurance

The name of the medical reimbursement insurance and coverage?

7. Pre/Post Surgery Customer Information Management

How do you use patients' information?
- Generally, only uses for hospital consultation/ surgery/ therapy etc
What are the patients' benefits if they allow the hospital to use their information?
- 10% discount is provided when consent on using Before/After Photos for hospital marketing purpose

8. Safety Management

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517, Nonhyeon-ro, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Korea

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Sunday and Public Holidays: Closed

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MON,WED,THU : 10am ~ 6:30pm
TUE,FRI : 10am ~ 8:00pm
SAT: 10am ~ 4:00pm