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Nose and Chin at JK PS clinic and got feminine look!

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My friend who has a good case of plastic surgery recommended me for so I came by It was close by the subway station which I had no difficulties looking for it. There were many small clinics on its way here which made me feel more trustful with JK Clinic. Once I got here, staff asked me kindly which area I was interested in for consultation and made me feel comfortable.They served me coffee while waiting for my turn and assisted me till consultation room.While having consultation with the associate about my nose and facial contouring, she was very honest. Even during consultation with Dr. Kim, he recommended surgery that fits to my face features. There were explaining by showing the CT scan about my cheekbone and nose,they said that I had not much cheekbone but I had asymmetry nose and chin which made me look masculine so in order to make may face more feminine by doing my chin and nose. Rather than unnatural and strong image, they told me the surgery will be natural and will be balance to my facial features.I really like my Doctor he was very kind and friendly. Natural is on trend now and I also don’t preferred being artificial so I thought this was the clinic fits to me.I trust JK clinic the most by seeing Doctors has no medical accident experience and staffs, also staffs who helped my CT scan and medical checkup were so friendly. Even when I was looking for the toilet, a staff assisted right away which gave me more trust to this clinic. I had consultations in other clinics in Seoul and but I finally decided JK.
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hi~ this is my 6th months review. please look foward of my changing face~ i really happy with this changing ^^
It’s been more than 3 months after the surgery. People who have no idea that I had surgeries tell me there is something changed with me but telling me my face got smaller. I like it natural and unnoticeable rather an obvious. I was worried at first right after my nose surgery because it looked obviously high but now people are not noticeable due to slight changes only. My nose is well recovered after 3months and even I slightly hit it I don’t feel any pain. My chin seems like recovering well because the lower muscles feel like its itchy and stretching as the veins are getting back together. I’m satisfied with my chin as it is getting natural. I think the natural look is the advantage of JK Clinic.