Face contouring + Rhinoplasty + Eyelid revision Surgery

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I don’t have to cover my forehead with bangs, but rather have hair upto show the forehead for the better look! I can eat boned fried chickens, and raw beef~ I think swelling is all gone now~ I hated when photos were taken by others because my face is big, but my body was too skinny compare to my fare. But now, overall ratio of body is better than before, so it is good when someone takes the photo of me ^^ The surgeon said my surgery was very successful^^ I travel around, and eat anything these days with happiness~ The reason for my self-esteem disappears; it is very helpful for myself for being positive. Whoever concerns for Plastic surgery, do not hesitate to choose Banobagi~! Thank you for reading >.<
It’s been 16 weeks already~ I don’t have to cover my forehead with bangs, but rather have hair upto show the forehead for the better look! I can eat boned fried chickens, and raw beef~ I think swelling is all gone now~
Time goes really fast! I wondered about hw much I changed, so I took a look at the photo I too before the surgery at the clinic, and I was like,,WOW….. I never wanted to look artificial, but natural after plastic surgery. And it is what I hear from people. They said it’s not artificial, but naturally well done. >.< I’m glad I chose Banobagi~
Its been almost 3 months! I can easily open my mouth wide. The swelling when down almost all, and people do not notice my surgery history unless I mention it. I never wore the cap before the surgery as it made my cheekbone look more protruded, but now, it looks good on me with smaller face~>.< And I had wide glabella with flat nose before, but not anymore~~
I was informed that minor swelling is still subsiding~ Minor swelling does not drastically subside, but compare to before, I am becoming more feminine with slimmer and smoother faceline. I do look a bit chubby because of the swelling on cheek area, but the surgeon told me not to worry as it is still subsiding.
I can wear the make-ups and go shopping and meet friends~ I met my middle school classmates this day and they said they wouldn’t know if I didn’t tell them about my surgery, but compliment me for how I got so prettier than before~ They said I do not look awkward not artificial after plastic surgery, but naturally pretty. It made me feel really good ~^^
I had no difficulties doing everyday activity. I did manage food to eat because I couldn’t open my mouth too wide. As swelling subsides, my face got slimmer, and smaller.. Eyes and nose is more defined than before T.T So impressive! People often asked if surgery was painful or scary. I did feel some pain for about 3 days after the surgery, but it was better with ice-pack massage.. Not much to be scared about as I was more excited~
Even without mentioning, you can see the difference of before, and after, right? As swelling subsides, my face is more feminine now. I always wanted to get rid of the bangs, and it was achieved 3 weeks after the plastic surgery at Banobagi ^^
It’s been only 2 weeks and major swelling seem to subsided a lot~ I do feel that my nose is bit blunt and fat, but it’s been 2 weeks only,^^ I went for face massage at the clinic and the staff compliment me for the surgery result >.< Bumpy face line is now slimmer and eye and nose is well done naturally~
I thought I couldn’t even breathe after surgery, but pain was not that severe as I thought. Of course I couldn’t wash my face for 3 days and sleeping pose wasn’t comfortable.. The staff in the clinic said my swelling is not that severe compare to other patients. 4-5 days has passed, and swelling has gone down a lot. Maybe it’s because I rested at home and recovered by massaged regularly with ice-packs~!
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2016-09-02 00:00:00 0
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a very slight but awesome change to me! i like it!
2016-08-18 00:00:00 0
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Love your new look!
2016-08-07 00:00:00 0
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you don't seem to have much bruising and swelling!!
2016-07-25 00:00:00 0
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i agree with the previous comment!! you seem prettier yet cant tell what did you do exactly to become prettier!!
2016-07-11 00:00:00 0
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you look so natural!!
2016-07-04 00:00:00 0
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