Can i become a flower boy??
I get a lot of stress from job interviews when I was in between jobs. I don’t think I leave a good impression on interviewers because of my sleepy eye... READ MORE
Face contouring + Rhinoplasty Revision + Double Eyelid Surgery
Since young, I was discourage of my appearance due to my round face shape~ Cheekbone is protruded and square jaw is very angled that my profile l... READ MORE
Revision Rhinoplasty, Fat graft, Thread lifting changed my life!
Hello! I have always wanted to go to Korea to do the plastic surgery but every time I wrote in to the clinic, I always got quoted very high due to my ... READ MORE
UK Model PIXIEE's skin treatment in Korea
I am a model from London, England. For years I have struggled with bad skin. Being a model means that I have tons of make up applied to my skin on a ... READ MORE
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